The Consulting Business Unit specializes in design, due diligence, design-build, demolition engineering, and budget planning for construction projects, reconstructions, buildings, and real estate developments.

We have always made a difference by not only relying on our experience in the industry, but also on our resourcefulness, which has helped us find ingenious and tailor-made strategies, enabling us to offer cutting-edge and sustainable customized solutions today.


Environmental due diligence is conducted on land, areas, properties, and facilities to identify the costs and environmental risks associated with any liabilities. During phase 1, information is gathered, and during phase 2, investigations are carried out regarding the possible presence of hazardous or polluting substances.

This is a tool that allows our team to assess the environmental risk associated with a transaction or project and identify potential environmental problems, risks, and liabilities that may impact that particular real estate operation.


Real estate due diligence is performed before an acquisition, sale, lease, or other transaction related to a property, to identify potential risks, issues, and opportunities related to the property itself.

This is a fundamental tool that enables our qualified team to obtain a clear and comprehensive view of the property and its potential risks or opportunities.


Designing is essential for creating a project. Good design takes into account objectives, requirements, constraints, and budget.

This phase, which involves many important elements such as creativity, technical competence, problem-solving, and communication skills, is crucial for developing effective and optimized solutions.


What is your vision? What is your budget? In our Design-Build projects, we follow both the design and construction phases, taking care of:

  • integrated responsibility
  • timely collaboration
  • time and cost savings
  • greater contractor responsibility
  • reduced risk for the client


To carry out a demolition intervention effectively, it is essential to conduct a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the structure to be demolished and, therefore, have the right technical and legal skills, as well as a deep knowledge of construction techniques.

Demolition engineering is the discipline of civil engineering that deals with the design, planning, and management of demolition operations of buildings or infrastructures.

Our demolition engineers work in synergy with safety experts to ensure a safe and well-managed demolition.

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