TOPTAGLIO towards sustainability: philosophy and initiatives

At TOPTAGLIO we are very aware of the importance of acting towards sustainability, particularly in the construction sector in which we operate, as it can have a significant impact on the environment. This impact ranges from the extraction and use of materials, to air and water pollution, waste production, greenhouse gas emissions and the construction and management of buildings.

ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, and Governance) play a fundamental role in this sector, as their adoption allows a company to promote not only environmental sustainability but also social well-being and responsible corporate governance. These elements are essential for long-term success and for creating shared value among all stakeholders.

TOPTAGLIO operates in compliance with ESG criteria:

  • Environmental: respecting this point means reduce the negative impact on the environment and promote sustainable practices that reduce the consumption of natural resources. Examples include using recycled materials and opting to refurbish buildings, to avoid land consumption.
  • Social: adhering to this criterion means promoting safe and dignified working conditions and respecting human rights. This contributes to the well-being of our employees (ensuring workplace safety and protecting their rights) and the local communities involved in our urban regeneration projects.
  • Governance: respecting this point means adopting solid governance practices (transparency, business ethics and responsible resource management), which help improve risk management and increase customer trust.
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Here are some of our GREEN actions within our offices:

  • energy efficiency: we use renewable energy generated by solar panels installed on the roof of our headquarters to power our offices and part of our vehicle fleet. The energy generated by our 70kW/hour solar plant, installed on the roof of our operational headquarters, is capable of covering the entire facility’s energy needs. This significantly reduces long-term energy costs;
  • waste management: we separate recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, thereby reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By practicing waste separation, we not only reduce soil and water pollution and preserve natural resources but also achieve economic savings and comply with current regulations; 
  • circular economy: we recover materials from demolitions, recycling and reusing them for different purposes, such as creating unique and sustainable furnishings. In this way, we give new life to materials previously considered waste. Recycling materials requires less energy than extracting and producing virgin raw materials. This recovery process allows us to have a smaller environmental impact and contribute, in our own small way, to preserving ecosystems for future generations;
  • promotion of sustainable behaviors: participation in waste separation raises awareness among our employees about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and responsible consumption.
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We will soon tell you about other sustainable actions we adopt within our company and for our urban regeneration projects. In particular, in the social sphere, we are excited to share “Women in construction”, our initiative that promotes gender equality in our construction sites.

For TOPTAGLIO, supporting the commitment to sustainability means promoting responsible corporate management, reducing risks, and creating long-term shared value with all parties involved in our construction sites and urban regeneration projects.

By integrating all these strategies, TOPTAGLIO aims to contribute to reducing environmental impact and building a more sustainable and resilient community. Promoting sustainable practices is essential to fostering a cultural shift towards greater environmental awareness and responsibility.

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