TOPTAGLIO rinnova la sua identità

TOPTAGLIO renews its identity: here is our new logo

TOPTAGLIO is renewing its identity, kicking off the process with a new logo. Always true to its roots but with an eye towards the future. “The time had come to renew ourselves and communicate what we are today,” says Paolo Ceresoli, General Manager of TOPTAGLIO. “We started 25 years ago as small demolishers who also performed cuts and coring. Today, we are a General Contractor with over 60 employees. We have come a long way since then. This evolution deserved to be told.”

The brand refresh is a necessary step that precedes the significant changes TOPTAGLIO has in store for the coming years. This journey is the result of many years of experience and acquired expertise.

TOPTAGLIO’s new look reflects the awareness of this evolution. The brand identity, thanks to the valuable collaboration of Poliedro Studio, showcases a bold renewal while remaining respectful of its origins, as it fully defines the company’s values.

The new logo, with a more distinct and contemporary character, and the dynamic and impactful payoff, almost tailor-made, pay full homage not only to the history but also to the philosophy of the company.




In the payoff, we find four important words that emphasize the company’s expertise: RETHINK | REMOVE | REBUILD | REPEAT.

RETHINK: Rethinking a place, even before demolishing what is there, to then rebuild, is a necessary and strategic creative process to best carry out a redevelopment project.

REMOVE: Removing what is now outdated or no longer functional is a crucial step to make room for the new. Removing does not just mean demolishing. In the presence of a contaminated site, reclamation is necessary to redevelop the area.

REBUILD: Rebuilding is a decisive and impactful action for the future of the planet, but above all, it requires great responsibility. That’s why it’s important to be reliable.

REPEAT: It is fundamental to be able to repeat the entire process of rethinking, removing, and building whenever the time comes to renew.





What does the pictogram represent? The company looks down on the city from above to gain a clearer overall vision and capture its most important aspects. Simultaneously, it observes the city in its smallest details, allowing the gaze to wander through its streets. Roads that intersect, at times resembling the “two T’s” of TOPTAGLIO. The pictogram is a snapshot of this perspective, a still frame capturing a specific moment of a city in motion and undergoing continuous transformation.



“It goes beyond being merely a vision, it’s a conscious understanding,” Paolo Ceresoli elaborates. “The expertise and experience of TOPTAGLIO professionals enable us to consistently intervene effectively. The ‘two T’s’ depicted in the pictogram symbolize locations familiar to us through completed projects but also uncharted territories as we look ahead: streets where a new structure will emerge tomorrow, or where something will be demolished and reimagined in an entirely different manner. This continuous process is inherent, signifying an ongoing journey that bridges the future with the past. It has always been this way, as history attests. We stand ready to embrace the forthcoming challenges.”

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